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The Southern Coastal Regional Employee Benefits Fund is offering an opportunity for member entities to apply for a health and wellness grant. The Fund has budgeted $200,000 in calendar year 2020 for such projects. The budgeted fund should be used only for employees enrolled under the entity’s medical plan. To be eligible for the grant, an entity must select or propose the program(s) that will best meet their needs and which will also allow them to develop and sustain an employee wellness program.

All grant applications will be evaluated using criteria established by the Fund, including:

  • Matching commitment of financial or management resources by the entity.
  • Cost effectiveness of proposed wellness programs.
  • Use of existing vendors or vendors compatible with existing vendors.
  • Ability and intention of the entity to sustain the program after the grant is expended.
  • Portability of the program to other Fund members.
  • Compliance with all regulations and due diligence standards regarding public entity contract awards.



  • Click here to view your group’s grant allotment amount.
  • To see a list of allowable and not allowable wellness requests check out the “Permitted Usages” section of this site.
  • Also, if you would like to see some past examples that have already been approved check out our “Past Examples” section.


  • To easily (and securely) submit your application online please click here.


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  • If you need to download your reimbursement voucher, please click here.